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  • Strong technical background with more than 25 years experience in the IT industry.

  • Deep understanding of technology including a range of programming languages, standards and architectures.

  • Ability to architect complex network applications including multi-protocol, multi-tier server-side applications with load-balancing, fail-over providing near-linear scalability.

  • Passion for creating outstanding user-interface designs for network applications with a user-centric approach.


  • Ability to analyze and predict complex business processes including corporate strategy, competitive analysis, technology-valuation and

  • licensing structures.

  • Creating sound presentations and business-plans including basic financial planning with detailed cost prediction and reasonable sales forecasts.

  • Solid understanding of legal aspects with significant experience in international contract negotiations with large corporations.


  • Ability to recruit, maintain and motivate a heterogeneous team of engineering, sales, marketing and office staff creating productive work environment with a common vision, trust and commitment.

  • Lead-by-example strategy showing commitment and professionalism working as a team-player with a interdisciplinary understanding and overview of inter-dependencies.


  • A true visionary with a strong feeling for predicting technology and market trends in the IT industry with a special focus on the wireless market segment.

  • Unique combination of skills with a deep understanding of technology and ability to commercialize on emerging market trends.


Professional execution of development, marketing and business plans providing project-planning, task-prioritization as well as cost-and work-load estimations. Passion for excellence resulting in robust state-of-the art applications delivered on-time and on-budget.

Strong commitment to the execution of development and business plans ensuring adherence to development schedules and cost-dicipline.


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