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CEO of CND in September 2015, performed strategy review, re-positioned and scaled the company with 13 OEM agreements targeting operators, enterprise and pubic safety markets. Initiated M&A process, trade-sale to Twilio in August 2018.

Trade sale of Movirtu to Blackberry in September 2014. At BlackBerry, resumed position of SVP Enhanced Network Services responsible for Movirtu products, integration into the BlackBerry organization, roadmap and budget planning.

CEO of Movirtu announced in February 2013. Re-positioned the company to focus on new markets and products. Introduced Movirtu WorkLife, solving the BYOD phone number problem with a carrier-centric solution based on Movirtu's patented Virtual SIM Platform.

Created Start-up Picletta with the vision to create a platform which enables non-programmers to create interactive multimedia applications.

CEO of Synchronica plc (former DAT Group) from October 2005 to September 2011. Restructured the company to focus on next generation mobile messaging infrastructure for operators and device manufacturers. Developed market-leading product "Mobile Gateway" providing push Email, Instant Messaging and Social Networking. Won major deals and group-wide deployments with mobile operators and device manufacturers. Consolidated next-generation messaging market including acquistions of AxisMobile in 2008, Colibria (IMPS) and iseemedia in 2010, Neustar NGM and Nokia's operator-branded business in 2011. Strong organic growth and a series of acquisitions increased revenues year-on-year from $1.7 (06), $3.2m (07), $5.3m (08), $5.9 (09), $10.9m (10), $23m (11). Established Synchronica as the de-facto market leader in mobile messaging with 9m active users, 10 device manufacturer and 90 operator contracts with a contracted addressable market of 1.8bn subscribers.

Founder and CEO of Synchronica GmbH. Won major deal with Siemens mobile for building a central system for firmware update over-the-air (FOTA). Recruited development team and handled technical realization as well as customer relationship. The project was realized successfully, on-time, on-budget and launched October 2004. Trade sales of Synchronica to DAT Group PLC, a company listed at the London Stock Exchange for a total transaction value of €1.5m. Appointed to CTO of DAT Group responsible for technology and strategy.

Co-founder and CEO of Weblicon Technologies AG responsible for technology, corporate strategy, personnel, sales, marketing and finances. Acquired a total of 5.4 Mio. EUR seed- and first-round funding in three rounds from four international venture capital companies. Wrote the business-plans, successfully presented and negotiated with venture capital firms and recruited a world-class team 21 high-profile engineers, sales and office staff. Defined technical architecture and user-interface design of the Weblicon Personal Information Manager targeted at telcos, portals and ISPs and the Calmeno product line targeted at the SME market. Acquired key customers including mobile operators KPN Mobile, E-Plus, Mobilkom Austria and two unnamed operators in Germany and Hungary. Initiated and maintained a strong alliance with Sun Microsystems including a reseller agreement enabling Sun PS to resell the Weblicon SyncML server as a key add-on to the SunONE product offering. 

Founder of the software company Century Software, focused on development and sales of a calendaring application "ClockWork" for he MacOS market. Responsible for architecture, design and international sales of the application using Internet-marketing and PR strategies as well as international trade-show appearances. 

Creating and delivering developer training courses introducing 3rd party developers to Macintosh and Newton programming using advanced object-oriented technologies and frameworks. Presentation of emerging Apple technologies on trade-shows and for selected key customers supporting the pre-sales organization. 

Consultant defining the architecture and initial implementation of the SAPGUI for MacOS SAP R/3 client application. Development of SAPGUI for Java delivering a cross-platform SAP R/3 client for Windows, MacOS, OS/2 and Linux. Link between the SAP management and Apple Computer, Inc representing Apple's business and technology strategy at SAP AG. 

Published book "MacOS programming using the C language". 

Co-founder and CEO of Dryad Networks aiming to provide ultra-early detection of wildfires using a large-scale IoT sensor network. Raised €1.8m seed funding, expanded with a further €1.6m non-dilutive EU/EFRE funding.

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